Power Plate Pro 5HP

HP Power Plate® Pro5 vibrating platform

Taking elite athletes to their limits requires high-performance equipment. The Power Plate pro5 meets the needs of these athletes and exceeds their expectations.

The columnless design allows a total range of motion of 360 degrees around the surface of the plate, while also allowing the integration of other equipment.

With this level of freedom, athletes can perform a full range of static, dynamic and plyometric exercises

A great performance of a small equipment.

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    Red color

    Charging method: USB

    Quick start guide (in the box)

    Educational content (through the Power Plate app)

    Vibration levels: 3 standard, 1 rhythmic pulse (oscillation mode)

    Vibrations per minute:

    Standard levels (levels 1-3): 2,200 / 3,300 / 4,000

    Rhythmic Pulse (level 4): 2,000 – 2,700

    Battery charging time: ~ 2 hours (120 minutes)

    Battery life: ~ 3 hours

    Sleep timer: 10 minutes

    Weight: 840 g

    Product warranty: 1 year limited manufacturer warranty


    • Hand straps (set of 2);
    • Rubber mat;
    • Remote control;
    • Instructions for use;
    • Protection cover;
    • Power cable;
    • Optional: Travel case with 4-wheel set;

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