Power Plate FitStop

Plate® FitStop ™ vibrating platform

POWERPLATE® is the training tool that will help you to move from the level of “good” to an “excellent” athlete!

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    Color: White – additional colors available upon request (additional charge with 12-week delivery).
    Time selections: 3, 8, 15 minutes FitStop Programs, 30, 45 or 60 seconds / up to 9 minutes.
    Predefined frequency / frequencies: increases from 30 to 40 Hz / 5 Hz.
    G factor: 1-6 with intelligent manual control options.
    Vibration Energy Output (amplitude): Low / High.
    Secondary Timer and Controls.
    Operation: easy-to-use interactive display.
    PrecisionWave ™ technology: high-fidelity harmonic vibration system that provides uncompromised performance for unsurpassed results.
    Sync ™ Twin dual engine system: The DualSync twin engine system maintains a precise balance at any level of frequency and amplitude, allowing for perfect vibration synchronization for maximum muscle response and efficiency.
    ProMOTION ™ dynamic vibration technology: Seven position tension adjustment; incorporated with modular fixation option.

    Includes :

    • proMOTION handles;
    • Hand straps;
    • Rubber mat;
    • Instructions for use;
    • Protective covers;
    • Power cable;

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